2016 JLA Events

Geisha dance performance with Sake & French cuisine

In collaboration with Slow Food Grand-Duchy, Cercle Munster and Ishikawa branding project, the "Geisha dance performance with Sake & French cuisine" on 17 March was a night to remember. Exclusively selected sake was all flown in from Ishikawa-prefecture just for this special event. 27 years aged sake was one of the popular out of the 4. 

The special guest of 2 Geisha's were also the highlight of the night dancing along to 2 traditional songs from their hometown of Kanazawa-city.

Sushi making workshop

In Feb 2016, we had the privilege of organising Deutsch Bank team building night of making sushi with your peers! The night started off with demonstration of making sushi rice, cooking traditional rolled egg omelette for sushi and of course step by step on how to roll the sushi. Everyone participated in making the sushi and enjoyed 3 types of Sake tasting together with their own sushi for dinner. It was a fun and enjoyable night and hope everyone who participated enjoyed it too:)


Japanese classical dance

Thank you to all who attended the Japanese classical dance experience. We are hoping this could be a regular JLA activity so we welcome new attendees! Look forward for more photos and videos to come.



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