Japanese Sake Tasting and Fusion dinner between JLA and Slow Food Grand-Duché

Collaborative event to enjoy Japanese sake tasting and fusion dinner between JLA and Slow Food Grand-Duché was held on 22nd April (Wed).

Again it was a successful night which was our third Japanese sake event organised, which included 4 types of sake with matching exquisite French cuisine. The night was also joined by Ambassador Nishimura of Japan and many sake lovers. Thank you all for coming!

4月22日(水)、Slow Food Grand-Duchéさんとの協賛で、「日本酒イベント」を開催しました。三回目の開催となる今回は、4種類の日本酒とフランス料理を提供。当日は西村大使も参加され、たくさんの参加者で会場はにぎわいました。ご参加いただいた皆さま、ありがとうございました!



A Japanese Culture Festival was organized by the students of Deutsch-Luxemburgisches Schengen-Lyzeum at Perl, located about 2 km from the border of Luxembourg and Germany. JLA  cooperated in this event.

JLA New Year Party 新年会 2015

JLA New Year Party was held on Saturday, 31sat January, 2015.

We enjoyed a bingo game with some interesting prizes for winners, Piano concert by our Luxembourgish member, Japanese Chorus by JLA Chorus members and of course with a good food and a lot of talking!

1/31、イタリアンレストラン「Come a la Maison」にて新年会を行いました。ビンゴゲームやピアノ演奏、コーラスなど、イベント盛りだくさんの楽しいひと時でした♪