Message from Chairwoman

Association name change announcement

Japanese Ladies’ Association of Luxembourg a.s.b.l. (JLA) was founded in 2012 and with all of your support and cooperation, we enter its 8th year since establishment. We are pleased to inform you that we have changed the name of our association to “Japan Luxembourg Association a.s.b.l.” (JLA)


The number of Japanese residents in Luxembourg has been on a steady increase every year, and currently amounts to 660. With the rise in the interest for Japanese products, culture, and food is proving higher than ever before, we want to widen our scope of cultural exchange and networking with new challenges we have never taken so far. The association aims to provide a variety of activities and events for our members by collaborating with local Luxembourg and neighbouring country’s educational institutions where we can share and show more hands-on experience about Japan to many people including small children who are our future hope for more globalisation.


Luxembourg is a small country surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium where it only takes one hour to any of these countries. With this geographical advantage, we want to further collaborate with the neighbouring international cultural associations. As a first step, we have partnered with “Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft Trier e.V.” and we are excited to work closely together and share information and further strengthen our relationship in the coming years.

From these Japanese words “WA” (和=harmony, 輪=network), it sounds the same, but it bears various meanings. These words represent the expansion of the Japan cultural exchange in the times to come. .


As a final note, we look forward to further collaborate and engage with you to promote Japanese culture and its uniqueness overseas and deepen the Japan-Luxembourg relationship for a better future.


Japan Luxembourg Association a.s.b.l.


Makiko Witolla Hayashi

Please see below for the kind words received from the president of  “Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft Trier e.V. (DJG)”, Mr Johann Aubart.


We are so grateful for our new partner relationship with “Japan Luxembourg Association a.s.b.l.”.  In recent years, DJG Trier were able to carry out numerous projects thanks to both Japan Embassy of Luxembourg and Frankfurt Consulate of Japan.


Our new partnership with JLA will further strengthen our existing relationship with a new dimension. We are working towards the same goal, to promote Japan cultural exchange, and it is an honor to collaborate and cooperate to achieve our goal.


I sincerely wish you further development and success.


Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft Trier e.V. (DJG)


Johann Aubart