Piano and Shakuhachi concert with crement tasting



Thank you to all who attended the piano & shakuhachi concert at SMW winery at Trier yesterday. It was such a memorable piano&shakuhachi concert performed by Tempei and Yuta. We also had a surprise guest who joined the stage. Mr Naotaka Utsunomiya who is a singer who played Simba of the Lion King from Shiki theatre company of Japan.


From R->L: Mr Yuta Matsumura, Mr Tempei Nakamura, Ms Makiko Witolla Hayashi (JLA Chairwoman), Mr Naotaka Utsunomiya, Mr Shibata (Japan embassy staff), Mr Johann Aubart (Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft Trier), Mr Adolf Schmitt (Saar Mosel Winsersekt).

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