日本の着物文化をルクセンブルク 、ヨ–ロッパ、世界中へ広めませんか?


JLAでは、着物を着た皆さんの写真を募集中です♪ 月に1度、JLAのSNSとホームページのKIMONO×PHOTOコーナーで、皆さんのお着物写真をご紹介。











Why don’t we introduce Japanese kimono culture to Luxembourg, Europe and all over the world?


We are looking for your kimono photos♪♪

We would love to see and introduce your kimono pictures once a month on our KIMONO×PHOTO page!

Everyone can join KIMONO×PHOTO.

Photos from Japan, Luxembourg, all over the world or memorial kimono photos etc… please share with us.


✳︎If you have google account, please check details and apply here.


✳︎If you do not have google account, please send your photo and your information ( your name, story about photo) to  japan.luxembourg@gmail.com .

Please check notes before you apply. We would like to post your photos and your name together, but if you prefer not to show your name, please let us know when you apply.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:  japan.luxembourg@gmail.com



・写真にご本人以外の方が写られている場合は、応募いただく旨をお話しいただいてから 、ご応募お願いいたします。







【Important notes to consider】


・If you have someone other than yourself in the photos, please let every party in the picture know you are going to send their pictures to JLA KIMONO×PHOTO. 

・Please refrain from applying photos without permission which are taken by someone else. 

・Please attach photos which are less than 10MB each.

・We may feature all photos but due to the application contents, there is a possibility that we have to decline some photos.

・We will not be using your photos and information other than JLA KIMONO×PHOTO.